Keeping ourselves and our family emotionally healthy and happy is no easy task in today's world. There are distractions everywhere. Being a partner + parent today can seem like an insurmountable task.​​​​​​​ 

Melisa cuts through the distractions and gives it to you STRAIGHT. 

Straight Talk:

If bedtime is struggle then you need this short course! Melisa and her husband cut through the stress of bedtime and help you reclaim your sanity and relationship with your children.

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Homeschooling with Waldorf has been at the heart of our days for more than twenty years. We teach families how to bring this beauty into their home everyday with our curriculum and training.

We have homeschooling resources AND a virtual school. 

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Homeschooling & Running a Business?

So many families are choosing to homeschool these days. Homeschooling and running a business is no joke! It can be chaos if you aren't organized. Our BizSchooling support can help you do both AND still feel like a centered human at the end of the day.

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Have Questions?

We would love to help you! If you have questions that we haven't answered here, please drop us a note and our team will be happy to assist you.

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