Keeping ourselves and our family emotionally healthy and happy is no easy task in today's world. There are distractions everywhere. Being a partner + parent today can seem like an insurmountable task.​​​​​​​ We are often sold the lie that all we need to change is what we say to our children - as a mother of five and a coach for the last twenty years, Melisa knows better!

Melisa cuts through the distractions and gives it to you straight. In her programs you will learn how to show up as your best self, understand what triggers you, how to let it go and how to become a truly conscious parent.

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If bedtime is struggle then you need this short course! Melisa and her husband cut through the stress of bedtime and help you reclaim your sanity and relationship with your children.

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Conscious Homeschooling

Homeschooling with Waldorf education has been at the heart of our days for more than twenty years. We teach families how to bring this beauty into their home everyday with our curriculum and training.

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Conscious Virtual School

Homeschooling on your own isn't an option for some families, sometimes having a teacher there for guidance is the best choice. Our art infused, Waldorf centered virtual classroom may be the choice for your family!

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Our Peaceful Foundations Parenting App

Parenting can be a tricky road. Melisa has helped thousands of families find peace at home with the techniques she teaches in her programs. She gives you a free taste on her app. The app can be found in both app stores. On the app you'll find some free conscious parenting resources as well as access to some of our parenting programs.